Our Shared Value

ــ The Customer Comes Firstـ

We put our customers first in everything we do.

ــ Respect for our employees

Our employees are our most valued asset and therefore AL-ABDAA works to create an atmosphere of trust, respect and dignity for all staff members.

ــ Service to society

We are our society and therefore we focus on community welfare, environmental protection and our society needs.

ــ Results

Through committed and honest teamwork we strive to achieve the best results for all our customer needs.ــUR SHARED VALUES

ــ Speed of Operations

We commit to offering the best services in a short time for the satisfaction of our customers.

ــ Inspection related services provided:-

NOT Services

ــ MPI/DPI/Visual and Radiography inspection

ــ Ultrasonic and Eddy Current inspection

ــ Level III Services with permanent company representative

OCTG Inspection

ــ Pipe inspection to DS1 3rd edition up to CAT 5 / API RP7-G and NS1 / NS2

ــ Full EMI scanning

ــ High pressure external and internal cleaning

ــ Portable connection re-facing


Lifting Operations Inspection

ــ Fixed and loose lifting equipment testing by LEEA qualified inspectors

ــ  Load cell capacity to 150t to cover dynamic load water bag testing to 105t

ــ  Safety systems audit including risk assessments and lifting procedures.

Crane operation/forklift truck/banks man/rigging/health & safety

ــ Operator mentoring and competency schemes

ــ SSOW implementation

ــ Complex lifting management

Equipment Hire

ــ Hire of Oilfield equipment including

ــ Baskets/Containers

ــ Portable Offices

ــ Generators/Welding Plant